About us

The Digital Journey Tracker is the product of the combined forces of two organisations: Agoria and Sirris. They bring together the Belgian technology industry, including the digital industry, each with its own strenghts.

  • Agoria paves the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium seeking to contribute to the world’s advancement by developing or implementing innovations. Together, these companies represent some 300,000 workers. More than 1,800 member companies rely on the three pillars of Agoria’s services: advice, business development and creating an optimal business climate.
  • Every year, Sirris helps 1,500 companies, whether large and small, to successfully implement technological innovations as part of their product, manufacturing process or business model. To this end, Belgian companies can leverage the three major assets provided by Sirris: years of experience and know-how in the most diverse sectors, 140 technology experts and a high-tech infrastructure across the whole country, and an extensive network of partners.

In order to ensure the Digital Journey Tracker they were building would meet most of the needs of companies, experts from Agoria and Sirris analysed the questions asked by multiple companies, large and small, and also relied on their long experience and the lessons learnt from many industrial projects in the various sectors involved in digitisation.