Digital marketing


Digital marketing uses digital channels to sell a product or promote a brand to customers, meaning that communication can be immediately measured and adapted.


Why consider it?

Digital communication is overtaking more traditional information channels so quickly that not using online communication is no longer an option. Moreover, digital communication is often a lot cheaper and allows you to track response rates and measure and analyse marketing campaigns quickly (often in real time) to understand what works and what doesn’t.

  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through its content. Therefore, all marketers, regardless of the organisation or budget, should be concerned with content marketing, including infographics, videos, blog posts and podcasts. Frequently publishing and distributing quality content  significantly increases the number of interactions with users.
  • Social selling now often entails leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships and, ultimately, achieve your sales goals. It allows companies to interact directly with potential buyers and customers, adapt their offer to prospects and help them with their decision-making by acquiring expertise in the customers’ field. In B2B, 75% of consumers use social networks to make their buying decisions.
  • To save time and increase the efficiency and consistency of publications, companies are increasingly relying on automation tools to automatically promote their content across their various channels (social networks, newsletters, e-mailing campaigns, etc.). The goal is to build up a community’s loyalty and become a field expert with regard to this community. Such a system can increase the rate of converting marketing contacts to qualified leads by up to 53%.

What does it involve?

Digital marketing includes a broad range of activities such as e-mail and mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), Social Media Optimisation ( SMO), content and influencer marketing, marketing automation, and more. You need to take the following important aspects into account:

  • Rethink the customer experience by adopting a customer-oriented marketing strategy that takes into account the customer’s complete digital journey. This journey has several stages (awareness, consideration, action, experience), each with specific touchpoints. The explosion of potential customer interaction points across new channels, devices and applications makes it very difficult to keep the service and experience consistent across all channels — unless you are managing the journey and not simply individual touchpoints. 
  • Offer customers high-quality content that they find interesting. Disseminate this content to whatever devices and platforms your customers use – mobile, certain social networks, and so on – to offer them the best possible experience. This will also enable you to be found by search engines.
  • Set up a data collection and analysis system to refine your customer knowledge, and segment and personalise your communication. Collect as much data as possible about customer behaviour, which can then be analysed and processed by algorithms to customise marketing strategies. Analytics allow you to identify your customer's persona so that you can offer them the perfect experience. This involves analysing large amounts of data from social networks, online shopping, mobile applications, CMS and so on. However, be aware of legislation on privacy (especially GDPR) and enhance the security of your IT systems.
  • has been publishing infographics of all available tools since 2011. Starting with 150 tools in 2011, the site has now covered 5,000 tools from the following range of categories: Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, Social & Relationships, Commerce & Sales and Data & Management. Carefully select the marketing automation tools best suited to help you get the most out of your content campaign and boost your efficiency.

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